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With a new coaching staff & a new team of 30 talented dancers, we are excited to take our team to the next level. The Waspettes are working hard EVERY SINGLE DAY to put in the work to be a competitive 5A team. In addition to improving our skill / talent level, we need new costumes for our competition routines. We organize & execute 3 fundraisers each year, in addition to each team member paying $1,650 of her own money to be part of the team, but that doesn’t cover expenses for costumes. We would truly appreciate your support in helping us look our best as we represent Wasatch High School.


Military Costumes

Kick Routine Costumes

Dance Routine Costumes


Jadree Prince


I absolutely live for drill because dancing is what my number one passion, and Drill not only gives me the opportunity to do what i love, but to do it with my amazing friends and girls that i love!! I have been on drill all 4 years of my high school, this will be my last year. Some benefits from me personally doing drill is that it gives me (and every other girl) the rules and standards to become a responsible and structured student and person. You have to be organized and learn how to balance grades and family life alongside. You also gain leadership skills as you have to work as a team and be unified to be successful.

Cleo Needham


I have been a member of the Wasatch High Waspettes for three years, and have enjoyed each one individually. Through Waspettes, I have learned, and will continue to learn, that commitment, positivity, and passion are big elements to making a strong team. I enjoy drill team because it has given me the opportunity to be a part of the school, while also using dancing to show off my school spirit.


As a new coach I couldn’t be more excited about taking this team to a competitive level. Before moving to Heber 5 years ago, I coached Cedar High’s Drill Team to 6 Region Championships as well as a State Championship Title, so I KNOW what it takes to achieve a high level of excellence. The girls are working HARD & WANT to be good, and with the support the parents & administration have shown, I know we can be successful. I love what being part of a winning team can teach each team member & I am anxious for them to achieve the goals we have set. THANK YOU in advance for your support – I hope as you watch the Waspettes perform & compete this year, you will feel proud to have been part of our success.

~ Coach McCall Scott


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  1. Susan Brown

    The Waspettes are a great, well disciplined and high energy drill team. They are amazing to watch. Best wishes going forward this year and rock the competitions!

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