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$1,025 of $2,500 raised

Wasatch High School Rugby is looking to continue our drive for success for the 2018 fall high school girls rugby season as we strive to win a state championship and travel to Las Vegas for the high school rugby 7s championships in March.

While we await the full Utah High School Sports Sanctioning, we currently receive no funding from our school and count on donations to allow us to operate, pay for basic gear and to travel to tournaments and for basic gear.

The benefits WHS Rugby Donors will enjoy are:
Direct involvement in the Wasatch rugby community
Confidence that your donation makes a difference to numerous youth and families in our community
Donations that deliver a real community benefit to help our girls compete at the highest level possible.

Your funding will ensure that WHS Girls Rugby continues to develop the potential of local High School and junior rugby players for decades to come.


Specifically, your donation is helping to:

Provide need-based scholarships for our players ($225 per player)to cover:
• USA rugby fees
• Cover kids without insurance with a specific rugby insurance program that covers all injuries
• Buy team kits (shorts, socks, polo, and backpack)
*we average providing 10-15 need-based scholarships per year for our girls team*

Your funding will also go directly to:
• Supply the team with much-needed equipment including “Hi-Pod” video filming system for all of our games and allow for player-centric video for national and college scouts.
• Fund the seasonal expenses (bus fees to games and tournaments, tournament fees, travel expenses) for WHS teams
• Enable us to host youth rugby camps, and send our players to development camps
• Send kids to all-star events throughout the year

Rhys Moore


Before I took this class I had no knowledge about 3D graphics of any kind, but after the first assignment or two, I found out that I really enjoy being able to create like this. As the year has gone on I have started enjoying even more and can now see myself pursuing this as a career. I hope to see what this looks like in the professional field and possibly find some way to get a jump start on a career into something like this.

Benson Probst


I have been in 3D graphics for 3 years, and working towards this trip every year. I have been so excited to go, and have worked so hard in 3D graphics and animation to make it to Pixar. I hope to learn about Pixar and how it is possible to get a career in the industry. I look at this trip like the beginning of my 3D career, and cannot wait to go.

Claire Atkin


Animation has always been a passion of mine, and through this class I have been able to see my dream come to life. Having the opportunity to visit places I plan on working someday is amazing! I’ll be able to see the real world application of the work I am doing.


We are Wasatch High School Rugby Lady Wasps, and our primary goal is to promote the development of our student athletes in the context of expanding athletic ability, teamwork, and character. Wasatch Rugby provides youth the opportunity to experience a high-performance atmosphere where teammates can explore what it means to be fully dedicated to one common goal (playing the highest level of rugby they are capable of) and learn how to grow from both successes and failures.

Wasatch Rugby Teams are guided by 5 core values: pride, passion, solidarity, discipline, and respect. These core values are at the heart of everything we do, are shared by all the girls who play the game, and are the foundation of Wasatch Rugby’s long-term success. The Wasatch Rugby team offers an inclusive environment no matter the height, weight, strength, or previous athletic success.

What we Do!
WHS Rugby is sanctioned by USA Rugby and Utah Youth Rugby and we support high school and youth league rugby programs for boys and girls through centralized administration, infrastructure, and development programs in Wasatch County. We develop and deliver specialized player development programs for all members of WHS Rugby. We develop our student-athletes to play at their highest potential in-state league play, regional and invitational tournaments and high-performance development camps. This development path provides for potential involvement with the Utah Youth All-State High-Performance Program (Utah Cannibals) as well as numerous collegiate exposure opportunities.


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