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Mountain Bike Team

$20,129 of $20,000 raised
Competitive mountain bike racing is not cheap, and since our team is not a sanctioned high school sport, we don’t get the funds that other teams get. In the past, our team has been very small, and has relied on families to share equipment and food at the races. As our team continues to grow in size, it is just not sustainable for the long term. Our team needs some equipment and a structure that will carry us forward, and allow many more students to participate in this awesome experience!
A team trailer with shelving
A team banner to post at all of our races
Tables and chairs
Bike racks
Tarps, canopies
Coolers, water jugs
Cooking Stove
Bike tools
First-Aid kit
Organizational materials
Team Banquet and Awards
We would also like to help some of our student-athletes who aren’t able to pay all of the “team fees” to be able to participate. Plus, 5% of your donation will be put into a Scholarship fund that will be awarded to a deserving athlete(s) at the end of the year.

Team Members

  • Jane Haight

    I absolutely love being on Wasatch High School’s Mountain Bike Team. Our coaches, Bob Bills and Christian Faatz are awesome and so supportive. It is such a great time training with the team. The best part is going to the races with my teammates. The environment is amazing! Everyone is super friendly and encouraging. We have so much fun cheering each other on. Mountain Biking is an awesome sport because you can do it your whole life long, not just in high school.

  • Chandler Lake

    Being on the Mountain Bike Team allows me to enjoy nature in the finest of ways! I love mountain biking and all of the fun that comes with it. I’m grateful for all of the cool people on the team, and for all of the friendships I’ve made.

  • Ethan Syphus

    The Mountain Bike Team is definitely the best thing I’ve been a part of at Wasatch. It’s so much fun to go riding around Heber Valley with your team, who honestly feel like family. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, and the coaches are definitely the best I’ve ever had. They care so much about you and want to help you do your very best! I love mountain biking, it’s the best thing you can do!

  • Torrey Turner

    I love participating on the Mountain Bike Team because it makes me feel stronger physically and mentally, helping me find my limits and teaching me important morals. Everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of the team because being on the same race course, tackling the same challenges builds a connection with your teammates that is unbeatable and something you can’t find in any other sport.

Message from the Coach

We emphasize, above all else to simply FINISH the race! Never quit unless there is injury or mechanical failure. This is a life long goal…never quit!  Once a rider quits, it becomes easier later on and potentially habitual over time. Ride with no regrets. AN error is just a way to recognize a lack of experience and to not repeat it at the next race.  I will never be at the finish line but, but I will see each student athlete at the exit chute of the race to congratulate them on finishing the race!

~Head Coach Bob Bills


I have an immense love of cycling and I am happy to be able to work with the Wasatch High School Mountain Bike Team.

~Assistant Coach Christian Faatz


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