Wasatch Boys Tennis Team

Hannah Matthews

Hi, this is Hannah Matthews. We are wrapping up our tennis season, and we wanted to earn money for bleachers and bleacher canopies for next year so our family and friends can come watch us play. We would appreciate any small donation. Thank you so very much!

Alysha Damron


Being on the Wasatch’s Girls Tennis Team the past 3 years has been such a special experience for me. I’ve found some of my closest friends from being on the team with them. Tennis has been a very individual sport for me throughout my life as I do tournaments on my own, but being on the high school team has given me the love and support aspect by being with teammates, which otherwise wouldn’t happen. I have made countless memories with the girls and coaches on the team that I couldn’t live without. High school tennis is where you learn life lessons, find irreplaceable friendships, and gives you a built-in family that cheers you on as you work hard to improve your game the whole way through.

Tad Webb

XC team member

Hi everybody its Tad. Cross country season is in full swing and we would really appreciate a donation to help us pay for races, equipment, We would really appreciate the donation! Thanks!

Gabby Huntsman


I love cross country. I joined my junior year and although it was very hard, I fell in love with it. With cross country, it is so easy to see your progress. You work hard at practice and and you see it pay off!! Cross country is the most supportive sport I have ever been a part of. Everyone regardless of the team you are on cheer you on as you race. I would not trade my experience with cross country for anything. It is the best choice I made in high school. I love it and I love the Wasatch cross country team.

Jack Sheehan

Senior Athlete

Cross country gives me the opportunity to push myself, and to push others. It helps me grow as a person, not only athletically, but emotionally as I help my self and others reach their goals.

Jadree Prince


I absolutely live for drill because dancing is what my number one passion, and Drill not only gives me the opportunity to do what i love, but to do it with my amazing friends and girls that i love!! I have been on drill all 4 years of my high school, this will be my last year. Some benefits from me personally doing drill is that it gives me (and every other girl) the rules and standards to become a responsible and structured student and person. You have to be organized and learn how to balance grades and family life alongside. You also gain leadership skills as you have to work as a team and be unified to be successful.

Cleo Needham


I have been a member of the Wasatch High Waspettes for three years, and have enjoyed each one individually. Through Waspettes, I have learned, and will continue to learn, that commitment, positivity, and passion are big elements to making a strong team. I enjoy drill team because it has given me the opportunity to be a part of the school, while also using dancing to show off my school spirit.

Brock Cloward

Hey everyone. Brock here, I am starting my final season of football here at Wasatch High School. This season our team has the opportunity to travel to Colorado to play in September. We are doing this fundraiser to raise money for the this amazing trip. I would greatly appreciate any support you can give our team. Thank you so much for your support. Go Wasps!

Jake Gillman

Football has taught me so much. There’s nothing like the brotherhood that comes through this sport. Please support our team in our fundraising efforts. Every little bit helps. THANK YOU!!!

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