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Cross country is literally the cheapest sport to be involved with at the high school.  Aside from the district-mandated athletic fees, we don’t require that any money go directly to the program.  However, we are working on building team unity through traveling to a regional race each year in California.  Traveling to and attending this race allows the team to have a bonding experience that is second to none right at the end of the year.  Most of the funds gathered here will help alleviate the cost of that trip for all who are involved–specifically the hotel and bus fees that are incurred as a necessity to make the trip happen.  

Additionally, there is actually a great deal of equipment needed in order to put on our own invitational each year.  Our team pays for various venue expenses at Soldier Hollow, team trophies and medals for the invitational, and timing equipment needed to run the meet effectively.  Our team funds also cover the cost of team uniforms each year in an effort to alleviate the individual cost to our runners.

Your donation will ease the financial burden for students, coaches, and the school district in immeasurable ways


Your generous donation goes directly toward assisting our athletes with the ability to go to the Footlocker race in California at the end of our season.  These funds will help alleviate the cost of the team hotel rooms, the charter bus travel, and team meals that are a part of the overall experience on the trip.

In addition to the team trip, these funds help to secure and pay for our summer running program.  As a team, we pay for the privilege to run all of the trails in our beautiful valley–as some of them are on State Park land.  Your funds support our runners in this way.  Additionally, our team has team breakfasts, uniform expenses, and Jr. High coaching expenses to help the program grow in the best possible way.

This year we have also started a Jr. High running program–a program that costs money to run.  We want to attract the best coaches possible, we want to buy new uniforms, and we want to make that program as legitimate as our high school team.  Finally, we have also agreed to pay $1,000 toward the construction of a new weight room at the West Campus of Wasatch high school.

Athlete Messages

Gabby Huntsman


I love cross country. I joined my junior year and although it was very hard, I fell in love with it. With cross country, it is so easy to see your progress. You work hard at practice and and you see it pay off!! Cross country is the most supportive sport I have ever been a part of. Everyone regardless of the team you are on cheer you on as you race. I would not trade my experience with cross country for anything. It is the best choice I made in high school. I love it and I love the Wasatch cross country team.

Tad Webb

XC team member

Hi everybody its Tad. Cross country season is in full swing and we would really appreciate a donation to help us pay for races, equipment, We would really appreciate the donation! Thanks!

Jack Sheehan

Senior Athlete

Cross country gives me the opportunity to push myself, and to push others. It helps me grow as a person, not only athletically, but emotionally as I help my self and others reach their goals.

Coach Personal Message

I would like to thank you in advance for your generous donation–literally every donation helps.  As a coach, I don’t like asking for money from parents and friends for any reason.  However, having funds available to the team for helping to ease the cost for others who may not be able to participate otherwise is a huge payoff in my book for running any kind of fundraising program.

Thanks again for supporting our kids in all that they do–even if you think that they are crazy for running miles and miles each and every day!


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